Personal Training

C4 Athlete offers personal training by appointment only. Please contact us to inquire about personal training sessions. 

All of our Personal Training Packages are sold as sessions. There is no long-term commitment to continue using the services but there is a cost savings for purchases of larger packages. We offer two different kinds of personal training services:  One-on-One Personal Training for those that want or require the full attention of their coach and Buddy Training, which offers a significant cost savings in exchange for sharing the time with a few others clients.

These Personal Training packages are good for the number of sessions purchased and assure you will always have the full and undivided attention of your trainer. This is ideal for those that are starting on a new fitness journey, as skill development can be the focus in private sessions, which helps build a strong foundation.  Buddyl Training is a great way to increase the availability of your trainer without requiring the investment of One-on-One Personal Training. This makes for a fun training environment for a very reasonable investment!


The FinksMethod of training focuses on balance, endurance, strength and power. There are 5 phases; Stabilization Endurance, Strength Endurance, Hypertrophy (muscle gain), Max Strength, and Power. Each Phase is approximately 4 weeks long. Each week there are different progressions within the phase that help to prepare the joints, tendons and muscles to handle more work as the client progresses through the FinksMethod. A majority of our client’s stay within the first 3 phases of training. Max Strength and Power are designed for competitive athletes but can be modified to fit the weekend warriors out there! All phases and workouts are designed unique to the client’s goals and fitness level.


Focuses on balance and core activation. This is your foundation to all movement. Your arms and your legs can only be as strong as your core.  Stabilization Endurance incorporates higher repetitions challenged with multi-joint movements, alternating and single sided exercises, and balance tools (stability ball, Bosu, etc)


The hybrid phase that supersets stabilization exercises with strength exercises. The purpose of phase 2 is to build up muscle endurance while still improving upon your stabilization and core activation.


The primary goal of the hypertrophy phase is to build muscle. Not necessarily “bulk” up, although that can be done if it is your goal. You will build your strength and gain muscle where there was once fat. This phase does not include a great deal of balance unless incorporated as an active recovery.


The purpose of this phase is to get you as strong as possible. The workout design includes low reps, heavy weight and long rests.


This is a hybrid phase that supersets strength exercises with power exercises. If you want to jump higher, sprint faster, cut harder this phase would be incorporated into your program!