My wife and I have been going for about 3 years and the experience has been great! Definitely an environment to get a good workout in and the trainers are invested in each member’s goals. The unique equipment and unconventional training methods keep the workouts fresh, interesting, and always challenging!
— Tyler R.
I’ve been with C4 Athlete for over 7 years and I can’t imagine my life without it. As I age, it’s very important to me to remain strong and independent. C4 enables me to reach those goals.
— Kay E.
I can’t say enough about what a great workout you will have at C4 Athlete. It’s completely different from anything I have ever tried - CrossFit, boot camps, OrangeTheory - and so worth the experience. I highly recommend C4 Athlete and the coaching you will receive here.
— Rene R.
I signed up for the unconventional classes in mid April 2018 and I have been hooked ever since!
This is the first time in 44 years that I enjoy working out. Coach Laura’s knowledge and patience makes me 100% comfortable doing the high intensity workouts...kettlebells, battle ropes, steel mace and steel club exercises are now a part of my weekly life.
I’m thrilled to be a part of the C4 community and I recommend this gym to anyone who wants to improve their mind, body and soul.
— Jennifer V.
I have been a regular at C4 Athlete since 2014. The classes are incredible because they offer a balanced workout and a variety of exercises. The use of unconventional tools make working out more fun. I especially love using the kettlebells and steel maces!
— Jason C.
Great neighborhood gym, owned and operated by long-time Heights resident. The personal training is excellent, and they offer a variety of classes—including legit boxing. The coaches are passionate, career fitness professionals.
— Marybeth G.
Everything hurts, in a good way! Judging by how much fun I was having I would not have thought I was getting this worked...I was.
— Chelsea C.