c4 madness

C4 Madness is a well designed, 60-minute, unconventional training circuit. It's broken up into four 10-minute quadrants with 3-minutes of recovery between each, allowing clients to go at their own pace.

Within each 10-minute quadrant you will be given a select set of exercises with a set number of repetitions. You will continue to move through each exercise with minimal rest between until the 10-minutes is up. Beginner and advanced clients welcome.

c4 maximus

Let's get those glutes high and tight! C4 Maximus is a 30-minute express class focusing on the gluten and hips using bands and bodyweight for resistant.

C4 Fundamentals

C4 Fundamentals is a 60-minute unconventional training circuit for beginners and/or clients looking for a lower intensity class that will help you develop the fundamental movements of unconventional training. This class incorporates all the same tools and structure as C4 Madness. 

Each class has four 10-minute unconventional training circuits of work and one 10-minute circuit of mobility. Seniors are encouraged to join us!

c4 Pull

This 30-minute express class is all about the pull up! Whether you can't do any or you want to increase your rep count, this class is for you!

c4 strength

C4 Strength is a 60-minute strength based class that primarily use barbells and dumbbells. 

The FinksMethod of training is applied to each class; a hybrid of programming that combines stabilization, endurance, hypertrophy, max strength and power. Sets, reps and intensity are programmed for each class based on each phase. This class is great for clients looking to add traditional strength training into their workout. Suitable for all levels.

c4 Striking

C4 Striking is a 60-minute fitness based striking class that will teach you basic hits, blocks, combinations and how to hold pads. Bring your own gloves and wraps.


5:30am  C4 Madness (Monday) 

5:30am C4 Strength (Wed + Fri)

6:30am  C4 Madness

8:00am  C4 Madness

4:00pm C4 Pull (Fri 30 min)

4:30pm C4 Striking (Mon)

4:30pm  C4 Madness (Fri)

5:30pm  C4 Madness (Wed)

5:30pm  C4 Pull (Mon 30 min)

6:00pm C4 Madness (Mon)

6:30pm C4 Striking (Wed)


5:30am  C4 Madness

6:30am  C4 Madness

7:30am  C4 Fundamentals

9:30am  C4 Madness

5:00pm  C4 Strength

6:00pm C4 Maximus (30 min)

6:30pm  C4 Madness


9:30am  C4 Madness

10:30am C4 Strength