The short answer is “No”. The longer version is “We are better than CrossFit”. How can we so confidently say so? Because our unconventional style of training and implementation of unique fitness tools are combined to create the best functional fitness programming offered in the industry today. Ask our clients. They will be eager to agree.

C4 Athlete is Houston’s only unconventional training facility. What makes us unconventional? The types of tools we use and how we implement those tools into our signature C4 Madness class. We utilize the steel mace, steel club, kettlebells, battle ropes, suspension trainers, medicine balls and your very own bodyweight. These are the tools that define functional training today and will continue to do so for the next 10-20 years.

The steel mace is the ultimate full body conditioning tool. The mace holds most of its weight at the head, resulting in an uneven distribution of weight. This engages the smaller stabilizing muscles around our joints which will increase your core and rotational strength.

The steel club can be used to train all aspects of fitness, including strength, conditioning, and balance. They are also an excellent addition to more traditional methodologies like barbell training, allowing you to enhance your functional capabilities through full body exercises.

A kettle bell workout and/or exercise can achieve total-body fitness, increase cardiovascular health, strengthen your core and improve your posture and balance.

Battle Ropes work the muscles in your arms, abs, back, and glutes. You can even incorporate movements, such as jumps, lunges, and squats, that work your legs and increase your cardiovascular conditioning.

Suspension Training uses straps that allow you to work against your own bodyweight. They are excellent for building overall strength, improving balance, increasing core engagement and much more.

Medicine Balls are used to increase strength and power depending on how we program them into our classes.

Bodyweight training is always available and the possibilities of exercises are endless. We bodyweight train for mobility, strength, endurance and power. Bodyweight is the perfect complement to the steel mace, steel club and kettlebell.

So, why are we better than CrossFit? Because we train to execute your highest level of functional fitness. We train to increase mobility, injury prevention, improve cognitive function, core strength, rotational end ranges and overall durability. In fact, we complement CrossFit workouts and vice versa. They do what we don’t and we do what they don’t have.

Our mission is to bring like minded people together to practice healthy living as a lifestyle. Building a community is at the heart of our operation. We want our members and clients to feel safe and confident in their space while working out. We are “Inspiring the Unconventional”.