Unconventional Training is defined by the types of tools used during the workout and how those tools are implemented. The most common unconventional training tools are the kettlebell, steel mace, steel club and battle ropes. Some other tools to consider are sandbags, medicine balls, suspension trainers, sandbells and even your own bodyweight.

Each of these tools require your body move in a way that challenges multiple muscle groups at one time. They can be used independently or together to create a masterpiece of a workout! In our signature C4 Madness class we use multiple tools in each class exposing your body to new movements that you will not get from conventional dumbbell/barbell split routines.

These dynamic exercises challenge both your body and your brain! Your cognitive function is definitely going to improve. You may even be able to scratch your head and rub your belly while chewing gum ;) In addition, you will feel an increased range of motion in your joints, enhanced mobility and a significantly stronger core.

C4 Madness typically burns more fat per workout because you are using both the aerobic and anaerobic systems in one workout. What does that mean? Heart rate goes up and you perform some exercises without oxygen, heart rate recovers and you perform other exercises with oxygen. The average calorie burn per class according to our clients is 500 to 600 cals per hour class.