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C4 Athlete’s mission is to inspire unconventional training by putting tools like the mace, club, kettlebell and battle ropes into the hands of everyday people and unleashing their inner athlete.

We understand you want to workout regularly. But with not enough hours in the day, it can be difficult to carve out the time for yourself to workout each week. Not to mention, there are many expensive options and it’s hard to put a value on what will work best for you. We promise you a structured program that will maximize your time in the gym and guarantee results!

We take pride in our staff and value the importance of continuing education. We instill that value into every coach we hire and strive to be one of the most knowledgeable teams in the area.


All of our coaches are certified personal trainers through The National Academy of Sports Medicine. We also send our coaches to the Onnit Academy in Austin, TX for their Unconventional Foundations and Durability Certifications. In addition, all coaches are encouraged to complete the Viking Ninja Academy belting system.

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Laura Finkeldey is the owner and coach of C4 Athlete, a local studio in the Heights specializing in unconventional training and functional movement.

Laura is the ruler of strength. She believes that form follows function, the human body should be trained primarily based on its intended function or purpose. Laura utilizes several different tools while working with clients from kettlebells to steel clubs and body weight to balance training. She began training over 20 years ago and has owned and operated C4 Athlete for over 11 years. Along with her experience, Laura brings both intensity and passion to her clients and team of trainers. In her free time Laura works on growing her businesses and improves upon the FinksMethod of training.


Viking Ninja Academy

  • White Belt Certified

National Academy of Sports Medicine

·      Personal Training (CPT)

·      Sports Performance (PES)

·      Nutrition

Onnit Academy

·      Foundations Specialist

·      Durability Specialist

·      Steel Mace Specialist

·      Battle Ropes Specialist



✉ laurafink@c4athlete.com
✆ 281-825-1812



Laura Finkeldey