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What is Unconventional Training? Unconventional Training is a style of teaching that achieves functional fitness utilizing the steel mace, steel club, kettlebells, battle ropes, suspension trainers, medicine balls and bodyweight. This course of exercise is executed at C4 Athlete in our signature C4 Madness Class. C4 Madness is a well programmed 60-minute class comprised of four-10 minute quadrants (aka "quads"). The tools and the application of these tools are what truly define our style of unconventional training. We also implement this unconventional style of training in our C4 Strength Class that utilizes primarily barbells and dumbbells. We do so by implementing balance, stabilization and core training.


C4 PREP is our on boarding system that connects coaches and clients on a personal level before committing to one of our memberships or personal training programs. Our coaches will help you identify your starting point, set clear and measurable goals, get you acquainted with our unconventional fitness tools in a private one on one setting, create a foundation for proper nutrition and get you rolling on the classes that are a correct fit for you and your goals!

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  • 1_60 MINUTE Assessment and Goal Setting Session

  • 2_60 MINUTE Personal Training Sessions

  • 3_Group Classes

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920 West Cavalcade
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Park Between Buildings, immediately after you pass the first building or on Michaux St


(281) 825-1812 info@c4athlete.com

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